Trust and verification

We are a PAYE Intermediary. Simply put, this means that the IRD (and you) entrust us with the accurate calculation of your organisation’s payroll. It also means we look after some of your money for short periods while pays get processed and until we transfer PAYE once a month at filing time.

We take this very seriously and have gone to all necessary lengths to make this a zero risk process for you.

Trust account

We use a trust account for all transactions involving your money. We can’t use any of the funds in the trust account for anything other than processing around your payroll and neither can creditors in the unlikely event of Thankyou Payroll getting into financial difficulty. Your money is safe with us.

See the trust deed here [2.5mb].

IRD PAYE Intermediary

We are a registered and certified IRD PAYE Intermediary operator and you can find us listed on the IRD website on this page.

Trust deed

Download the trust deed here [2.5mb]