The key payroll tasks

for employers and how we'll help

  1. Make sure new employees fill in a tax code declaration (IR330)

    This will tell you the tax code to use (and the rate at which to deduct in the case of WT or STC tax codes) and is for your records only. If any employees don’t fill in an IR330, you must deduct tax from their wages at a higher rate (called the no-declaration (ND) rate).

  2. Deduct PAYE from your employees’ wages

    All managed by Thankyou Payroll

    All of your employee’s tax obligations will be calculated and deducted from the gross amounts transferred to us. This is held in trust by us until we transfer it to the IRD when we process your returns. This includes the ACC earners’ levy but does not include the ACC work account levy which is a separate industry specific yearly account.

    Note: if you have a self-employed contractor working for you, you will not need to deduct PAYE but may need to deduct withholding tax.

  3. Make any further deductions

    All managed by Thankyou Payroll

    Other deductions may be child support, student loan, ESCT, or KiwiSaver contributions.

  4. Make any payroll giving deductions and transfer them to the nominated charity

    All managed by Thankyou Payroll

    Employers who file their EMS (IR348) and EDF (IR345) electronically can offer their employees the opportunity to make payroll giving donations. This excellent scheme gives employees the opportunity to donate to approved donee organisations from their pay and receive an immediate tax credit.

  5. Calculate and monitor leave

    All managed by Thankyou Payroll

    Employers are required by the Holidays Act to offer leave allowances to their employees. They are also required to ensure that these leave allowances meet the requirements of the Holidays Act, are paid at the correct rate, and accurate records are kept of leave taken and current balances. This can end up becoming very confusing but our system can make it much much easier to deal with.

  6. Complete employer returns

    All managed by Thankyou Payroll

    Complete an Employer Monthly Schedule (IR348 + IR345) with the details of each employee’s deductions and transfer the employee deductions to the IRD by the due date.

  7. Kiwisaver Forms

    Not managed by Thankyou Payroll at present.

    While we calculate and submit employee and employer Kiwisaver contributions, we currently don't accept or submit Kiwisaver forms (KS2 or KS10) relating to opting in and out of Kiwisaver contributions on behalf of our clients.

  8. Pay fringe benefit tax if required

    Not managed by Thankyou Payroll at present.

    If you supply fringe benefits (perks) to your employees, you will need to send the IRD a fringe benefit tax payment by the due date and either:

    • a fringe benefit tax quarterly return (IR420), OR
    • a fringe benefit tax income year return (IR421), OR
    • Fringe benefit tax annual return (IR422) *

    You can either download these forms or complete them online.

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So, when using Thankyou Payroll your responsibilities are reduced to:

  • Ensuring your employees fill in and hand back IR330s
  • Submitting Kiwisaver forms (KS2+KS10) when needed
  • Managing fringe benefit responsibilities
  • Keeping information up to date within our system

We calculate PAYE, other deductions, monitor leave allowances, complete and file your employer returns and keep records of all of this data.