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Our three remarkable plans!

Our plans are simple, based around how quickly you want your pays to be processed. We encourage you to sign up to our free, two business day plan and will not hassle you to 'upgrade'. Signing up to any of our options is free and you are free to cancel at any time. If your organisation is a 'not for profit' ALL our plans are completely free.

Thankyou Payroll has no hidden fees, no charges for adding employees, no 'system upgrade' charges, no annual fees etc.. Seriously! 1 employee or 50, the plan prices listed above are all you'll pay.

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How it works

We calculate and process your pay, including all tax obligations at little or no cost to you.

We can offer this service to you because the IRD pay us to get it right via their Payroll Subsidy scheme.

All you need to do to process a pay is enter your employee's hours into Thankyou Payroll’s online timesheet, transfer the total from the dashboard to our trust account and we take care of the rest.

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Get started!

  1. Sign up right here, right now!
  2. Set up your employee profiles (IRD no. pay rates, Kiwisaver etc..)
  3. Create a new pay in the dashboard, select employees, fill in their timesheets
  4. We do all the calculaions - Transfer the gross amount to our trust account
  5. You're done! Go make a sandwich.

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