Goodness made possible by the IRD's payroll subsidy

Here at Thankyou Payroll, we’re determined to do good – whether it’s by providing free payroll services, giving cash to community causes or making a damn fine cup of coffee. There are two ways that we make it easy for you to engage your generosity…

  1. Every time you get paid, so does the community

    Each time you use our service, you’re helping to raise funds for communities around New Zealand. Thankyou Payroll donates 25 cents per person per pay (up to $1.25 per organisation) to the Thankyou Charitable Trust. Don’t worry, that money comes out of our bank account, not yours.

    The Thankyou Charitable Trust, gives out microgrants to community organisations that are working to build community resilience, connection and sustainability.

    Check out the Thankyou Charitable Trust website

  2. Don’t pay fees, pay your community

    We charge businesses a small fee for the premium One-day Processing and Overnight Processing plans. You can pay us for these services, or your business can choose to donate $30 per month to the Thankyou Charitable Trust and we will waive your processing fees!

    Read about the plans and pricing in more detail here.

Everyone wins with Thankyou Payroll

We are aiming to raise millions of dollars for NZ communities. We know there are more than 150,000 local companies that can help us do just that. Please ask businesses you deal with to consider using our service, so together we can help fund worthy not-for-profit projects. If we could achieve 1 in 10 employers using our service, we could be raising substantial amounts for New Zealand communities via the Thankyou Charitable Trust!