The Benefits

Using Thankyou Payroll will save you time and money

If you were to manage your payroll manually yourself for free, you'd be spending hours with manual calculations (especially when it comes to leave), worrying about when returns are due, filing them and then worrying if you've filed them correctly.

Then there are the hours you'll need to learn all the rule changes the IRD and the Department of Labour are so keen on introducing every 6 months.

Or you could pay more than $1500 dollars a year for equivalent payroll services from our competitors. See our price comparisons.

Only Thankyou Payroll can offer you this many time-saving features, in a professional package and for free.

We manage employees' leave entitlements

Managing leave for your employees is almost always a challenge.  Even if all your employees are temporary or working unpredictable hours (and so being paid leave as a percentage) you'll still need to be super organised – or mathematically gifted – to manage leave properly without a formal system.

To see how complex a calculation it normally is to pay an employee for a public holiday worked, visit the Department of Labour's website.

Keep track of changes in legislation

Both the IRD and the Department of Labour make changes to legislation on a regular basis.  There have been two major changes in legislation affecting payroll calculations within the past year. They are almost universally complex, and the devil, as they say, is in the detail.

If you want to make sure you're protected from employee dispute claims and compliance issues around payroll, the best way by far is to make it someone else's responsibility.

That peace of mind feeling

Your payroll information is safe, secure, ordered and available when you need it where you need it.

Don't worry about trying to find time each week for payroll admin.  Don't worry about having to pay for us to help you out. And, don't worry about the complications of leave.

And most of all, don't worry about the possibility of making a small payroll mistake that could cost your business dearly. Thankyou Payroll will ease your worries with all of these things.

Benefits to Inland Revenue

The data being directed to them is in a format they find easier to work with. It's always going to be on time. There's almost zero chance of there being errors in the data, and the IRD can spend less time chasing employers.

Benefits to New Zealand

Community support

We support the wider community through the Thankyou Charitable Trust. which runs several grants rounds per year for specific area codes in New Zealand. From the PAYE subsidy we recieve from the IRD (for processing your payroll) Thankyou Payroll donates .25 cents per pay, per person paid (up to 5 people) to the trust. As we grow, so will the positive impact of the trust.

No fees for 'regular giving' clients

If your organisation gives $30 / month (or more) to the Thankyou Charitable Trust we will waive your pay processing fees normally charged on any pay running faster than the free two-day plan. If you have 20+ employees this is not only GREAT for local communities but saves you money too.

Payroll giving

Thankyou Payroll supports the causes and charities your employees care about through our easy Payroll Giving (by electing to give an amount to a registered charity, directly from their net pay).


Thankyou Payroll is committed to the development of tools that support small to medium businesses and the communities they operate in.

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